Now available on Kindle, audiobook and paperback.

“Loved it! A thought-provoking fantasy novel with intriguing and empathetic female protagonists”

Reedsy Discovery

Vale, bastard daughter and officer of the Helmsguard is trapped within the machinery of her father’s Empire. Elyn, a fearful young woman from a remote corner of the Outer Wild, lives an insular and lonely life.

Over centuries, the gods have slowly abandoned their people. The world is now torn between the last two who remained. If the war between them is to be stopped, Elyn and Vale will need to understand the secret which binds them together and the terrible sacrifices it will demand.

“A great fantasy story with awesome character and world building.”

– Raymond Springer, author of the Dawn of the Awakening series

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The Wake of Gods is Available!

After many, many years of development, the first instalment in The Godless Trilogy is finally available for download on Kindle, or paperback. If you live in the US, you can purchase it through Amazon here: If you live in Australia – like the author – you can purchase it here:

GoodReads Giveaway!

Goodreads has launched a giveaway for In the Wake of Gods! They’re giving away 100 copies on June 25. Click on the link below and you might get free stuff. Free stuff is always good.


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