Introducing the world of Kovalith

So…what do you place on a blog site when waiting for the book to hit the shelves? Do you want detail of the chapters? Perhaps some spoilers? Do you want to know how it ends?

Hmmm…maybe I should think of something else.

So instead of telling you how the detail about how all my characters overcome evil and live happily ever after, I thought I’d share the world of Kovalith with you. Kovalith (also known as The Forge) is a world created by the gods centuries ago. It was an amusement for a time. A half finished project that eventually bored them so that one by one they left.

Today Kovalith is a land torn between the two gods who chose to remain: Bythe the Steelmonger who oversees his militant Iron Union in the west, and Maelene the Blessed Mother who rules over the Outland Alliance in the east.

The world is divided between them.

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