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Christopher Monteagle  

The Difficult Second Novel

Well after much work, much coffee and emotional outpouring, I’m pleased to report the first draft of the as-yet-untitled Book Two is now completed. I’ve even attached a photo below in case people don’t believe me. Of course, it’s entirely possible I’ve just written one page and photographed a stack of black copier paper – but I’ll just have to ask you to trust me on that.

Of course, all writing is re-writing, so I’m sure the finished version is still about a decade or two away – but it’s nice to know I’m making progress. At least a lot more progress than I did on the first book. Anyway, thanks for all the support people. It’s very much appreciated.

The Union of Lies

The Second Instalment of The Godless Trilogy

Valeyn - daughter of the last two gods in the world - has abandoned all she loves in hope of starting a new life. Yet enemies relentlessly hunt her, determined to force the new god to choose a side in the escalating war between her mad parents.

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